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This site aims to share some of the most beautiful quotes from song lyrics, books, tv programmes and movies. Hope you like it and thank you to all my followers! single girls who like girls tumblr Seems like i messed up on my last submission! . im pretty sure thats the right one! 😂
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Famous Fashion Quotes Tumblr

"The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it." — breakup quotes for girls tumblr Reblogged 1 month ago from the-personal-quotes (Originally from these-times-shall-pass
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Single Woman Travels Tumblr

I'm Karen, a single woman living in Toronto, Canada who grew up in Winnipeg and born in Hong Kong. Wandering is what I do in life and in my travels. Experience quotes on tumblr sign up tumblr Find and follow posts tagged quotes on Tumblr
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Transquotes Tumblr

"transquotes" is dedicated to discovering and sharing quotes relating to transgenderism, as well as gender and gender identity in all it's varieties. . The views hipster book quotes tumblr If you hover over a picture, a little rectangle will appear next to the upper right-hand corner. If you click a little to the right of that rectangle, tumblr will
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Your Daily Quote From The Office Tumblr

jackiegarlich: “Yes. I have a wig for every single person in the office. You never know when you’re going to need to bear a passing resemblance to someone.” est 071711 tumblr Tumblog for things said by Kpop idols :3 PLEASE STOP REPOSTING MY POSTS Submissions are always open!
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Bakmi Panjang Umur

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Kukis Hias

Bahan-bahan: 150 gram margarin 100 gram gula halus 1 butir kuning telur 175 gram tepung terigu 25 gram coklat bubuk 1 sdt pasta coklat 250 gram gula halus ayak 1 butir putih telur 10 ml air jeruk nipis 1 sdm pasta vanila pewarna makanan Cara membuat : Kocok margarin dan gula halus selama 2 menit, masukan kuning telur. Kocok kembali …Read more »

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